New website about diseases that affect animals for human consumption

”Mad cows disease”, avian flu, bluetongue, salmonellas… The new website, created and coordinated by the CReSA, is intended to better know the diseases that affect the animals for human consumption, and how the Scientifics investigate in the labs new formulas for solving these problems. is a space dedicated to science diffusion, addressed to the general public. It offers divulgation contents in a pleasant but rigorous tone on different aspects of those animal diseases with relevant social, sanitary impact (“mad cows disease”, avian flu, bluetongue, salmonellas…).

The users are able to know what these diseases are, which symptoms the affected animals show, and how the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of these pathologies are carried out. Moreover, they can “travel from the lab to the farm” and know how the researchers and veterinarians of the CReSA are working at each step for solving these problems and improving the animal health. stands out for its attractive image with clear, high quality contents. It pretends approaching the science to the citizens, being a tool for the secondary education level teachers and contributing to increase the interest of the students on sciences. has been totally funded by the FECYT, through the Call for the promotion of the scientific and technological culture 2008.

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