Call to researchers proposing experiments to be conducted in the CReSA facilities

The Network of Animal Disease Infectiology Research Facilities (NADIR) invites the research Community for proposals to bid for funding to carry out projects within the facilities participating in the network. Proposals may be submitted by any European research laboratory or consortium of laboratories (public or private).

Europe possesses several experiment facilities holding the level 3 of bio safety, which is required to study the large majority of zoonoses, emerging diseases and a number of other animal infectious diseases. Through this call, NADIR will provide access to researchers proposing experiments to be conducted in the different network facilities.

Access users will benefit from access free of charge. The NADIR will cover both facility costs and the research group(s) travelling expenses to the selected facility according to the submitted protocol.

Projects conducted in CReSA can involve research on any of the livestock species (cattle, pigs, chickens, goat, sheep) and may use live animals including laboratory species (e.g. mice) or cell lines. Applicants should note that a collection of cell lines is available through the NADIR project, which are available to the research community (see Priority will be given to projects focused on a disease or pathogen requiring BSL3 containment but protocols requiring specialized infrastructure at a lower level of confinement are also acceptable.

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To contact with the person in charge of NADIR at CReSA:

Mariano Domingo Álvarez
Director of CReSA
Telephone no.: (+34) 935814492
Fax: (+34) 935814490
Edifici CReSA. Campus UAB
08193 Bellaterra (Barcelona) Spain

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