CReSA seminar on avian diseases

Last July 19th 2010, CReSA promoted a technical seminar entitled “Scientific advances and current situation of diseases with economic impact: avian flu and campilobacteriosis”, included in the Annual Plan for Technological Transfer (PATT) of the Department of Agriculture, Food and Rural Action (DAR) of the Generalitat of Catalonia.

Approximately 82 professionals were registered in the seminar (mainly addressed to veterinarians). The objective was to review the current situation and future perspectives of two diseases with high economic impact and repercussion on public health: avian flu and campilobacteriosis.


  • New advances in the knowledge of avian flu. Natàlia Majó Masferrer. CReSA Investigator and UAB Professor.
  • Avian flu surveillance in wild and domestic birds In Catalonia (2006-2010). Anna Alba Casals. CReSA Investigator. Mar Biarnés Suñé. Head of the CESAC laboratory.
  • Campylobacter, zoonotic, emerging agent of growing relevance in public health. Marta Cerdà Cuéllar. IRTA-CReSA investigator.
  • Campilobacteriosis in avian production: current situation actual and future perspectives. Mercè Soler Barrasús. Veterinarian of the Animal Health Service of the DAR

Round table. From left to right: Ramon Porta, Mercè Soler, Marta Cerdà, Mar Biarnès, Natàlia Majó and Ana Alba

The PATT is a program of actions elaborated and proposed from the Coordination Commission of Technological Transfer (CCTT) and approved by the Counselor of Agriculture, Food and Rural Action; and are related to the research and divulgation of knowledge and experiences.

A new technical seminar entitled “New emerging and reemerging pathogens in pigs” is scheduled for the last trimester of 2010.

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