Relevant facts of the research activities of the CReSA in 2009

Last year, the team of researchers of the CReSA reached the following achievements, among others: 72 scientific, indexed articles, 119 communications in congresses, 29 competitive projects in course (5 European projects funded by the 7th Frame Program among them), 5 doctoral thesis, and 38 new contracts with private companies. The Annual Report CReSA 2009 can be consulted.

Relevant facts 2009


  • 72 indexed articles were published and 119 communications were presented in congresses, 83 of wich were made at International Congresses.
  • 18 competitive projects in course were funded with 1.019.358 €.
  • 5 doctoral thesis and 9 research works were defended.
  • CReSA participated in 5 European projects funded the 7th Frame Program;


  • 38 new contracts with private companies have been signed.
  • 43.149 testings were carried out (virology service) as ordered by the Generalitat of Catalonia.
  • PRIOCAT The laboratory has analyzed 16,648 samples for routine diagnosis of active surveillance program of the ETTs in Catalunya.
  • 340 secondary level education Catalan students from 17 high schools have visited the center, since several activities addressed to schools were organized.
  • 360 subscriptions to the CReSA electronic bulletin were achieved.

This year has also published the Annual Report of “Els encàrrecs de Serveis de la Generalitat de Catalunya al CReSA”. To review it (catalan):

Download CReSA’s Annual Report 2009 (catalan): pdf

For the Annual Reports of past activities:

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