CReSA takes part at the COPIT meeting

On November 19th, 2010 was held the COPIT meeting. The Eureka building of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona was the meeting point of different companies and research centers in order to establish a first contact and create attachment points for possible collaborations.

The COPIT meeting is aimed at companies of Biomedicine and Medical Technology to promote knowledge sharing and collaboration in joint projects.

On behalf of CReSA, Dr. Fernando Rodríguez attended the meeting. With the aim of expanding the coverage of clients and partners that can benefit from the technological offer of CReSA, Dr. Rodríguez was able to hold meetings with up to eight companies and different research groups.

CReSA provides facilities, equipments and highly specialized services within a building that has conventional laboratories, level 3 biosafety laboratories and level 3 animal facilities, with capacity to house farm animals and laboratory animals.

Technological offer includes:

  • Studies of in vitro and in vivo infection with animal pathogens, including those that require level-3 biosafety facilities (BSL-3): viruses, bacteria, parasites and prions.
  • Immunological studies, evaluation and development of vaccines, including studies of veterinary products validation and epidemiological studies.
  • Development and setting up of diagnosis techniques, including monoclonal antibodies production.
  • Studies of the biology, ecology and vector capacity of insect vectors of diseases.

The results of this meeting will be evaluated in long term.

For more information:

Dr. Fernando Rodríguez González
Phone: +34 93 581 45 62

Dra. Elisabet Rodríguez González
Head of Communication
Phone: +34 93 581 45 64

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