New Ibero-American pig journal

The Porcine Ibero-American Network (Red Porcina Iberoamericana) has recently launched an electronic, open-access journal to spread scientific and technical information on pig production, health and food. This Network is funded by the CYTED.

The Porcine Ibero-American Network (Red Porcina Iberoamericana) is a project funded by the Ibero-American Program of Science and Technology for the Development (CYTED) and is constituted by institutions from 13 countries from Iberoamerica, Portugal and Spain. The objective of this network is to improve the production, health and hygiene of the primary pig production and food. Development of Ibero-American handbooks for production and hygiene good practices and promotion of research projects among institutions are some of the actions initiated. This network is coordinated by Dr. Jesús Hernández (Centro de Investigación en Alimentación y Desarrollo (CIAD A.C.) from Hermosillo, México). CReSA is the Spanish participant institution and Dr Joaquim Segalés is the Spanish coordinator. 

Revista de Porcicultura Iberoamericana is an electronic, open-access journal that has been created to disseminate scientific and technical information on pig production, health and hygiene. Three editions will be published every year. 

Manuscripts on unpublished research, development of new techniques, clinical cases and reviews or opinions are accepted by Revista de Porcicultura Iberoamericana. Manuscripts can be written in Spanish, Portuguese and English. All manuscripts are submitted to a peer review process to ensure the quality of the publications.  

Revista de Porcicultura Iberoamericana meet the requirements to be indexed in scientific databases (ISI and PubMed).

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To contact the Editor of the journal:

Enric Mateu de Antonio
CReSA-UAB researcher
Pone no.: +34 93 581 10 46
Fax: +34 93 581 44 90
Edifici CReSA. Campus UAB
08193 Bellaterra (Barcelona) Spain

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