Training and assessment in Mozambique about influenza

A new project will be coordinated by the CReSA to train technicians from the Instituo Nacional de Saúde (INS) and Instituto de Investigação Agrária (IIAM) in Mozambique. Training will be focused on diagnosis, surveillance and research on the influenza virus.

Two investigators from Mozambique, previously trained in the CReSA facilities, will be in charge of coordinating the actions in this country.

In Mozambique, influenza virus surveillance (avian and porcine) is carried out just in birds. However, technical deficiencies are found. The Mozambican government has initiated different improvements in this field due to the relevance of this disease in human, such as the creation of a laboratory for surveillance. On the beginning of 2012, a team of Spanish investigators will visit Mozambique to evaluate and monitor the surveillance and fight against this disease in birds, pigs and human. Afterwards, professionals from animal health and public health from Mozambique will visit Spain and keep contact with animal health experts (CReSA) and public health experts (Hospital Clínic de Barcelona).

This project has been funded by the AECID (Agencia Española para la Cooperación Internacional y el Desarrollo) and is entitled “Elaboration of a R+D project for institutional training in diagnostic techniques and research on influenza virus” (Elaboración de un proyecto I+D para establecer la capacitación institucional en técnicas de diagnóstico e investigación del virus de influenza).

To contact the Spanish coordinator:

Dr Maria Montoya
Investigator of the CReSA
Phone no.: +34 93 581 43 42
Fax: +34 93 581 44 90
Edifici CReSA. Campus UAB
08193 Bellaterra (Barcelona) Spain

To contact the Sub-Saharan coordinator:

Dr Nilsa De Deus
Investigator of the Instituo Nacional de Saúde
Phone no.: +258 82 4697690
Fax: +258 21 430814/4
Ministério da Saúde,  Av. Eduardo Mondlane/Salvador Allende
Maputo, Mozambique CP 264

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