Advance on Glasser's disease: two phosphatases Haemophilus parasuis identified

The microbiologist Paula Manrique will read her doctoral thesis next November 18, about the acid phosphatase in the Gram-negative bacterium Haemophilus parasuis, the etiological agent of Glasser's disease.

The main objective of the thesis, entitled "Identification and partial characterization of acid phosphatases from Haemophilus parasuis", was to identify and characterize the genes responsible for the secreted acid phosphatase activity, which in many Gram-negative bacteria are very important enzymes in numerous processes, including pathogenesis.

In the study, the screening of a genomic library from the virulent strain ER-6P of H. parasuis identified two clones with phosphatase activity. These clones contained genes aphA and PGPB, respectively.

Manrique defends that the role of those recently identified enzymatic activities in the biology of H. parasuis needs to be studied profoundly. Manrique will read her thesis, supervised by Dr. Virginia Aragon, at the Sala de Graus, in the Faculty of Veterinary of the UAB, at 09:00h.

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Dra. Virginia Aragón Fernández

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