333formación launches the new Campus CReSA

333formación has launched the new Campus CReSA, an online training platform where you can learn about the latest on swine health. This campus will be managed by CReSA.

You can access the Campus CReSA and register to the first course: Technical basis for the practical control of PRRS(Spanish. 12 hours). This first course will help students to acquire basic knowledge for the development of a PRRS control program in a farm, providing the basis in the area of epidemiology, diagnosis, biosafety and PRRS control methods, as well as solving practical cases.

Dr. Enric Mateu is the professor in charge for this course intended for swine veterinarians, technical services from companies related to animal health, nutrition and production; technicians from livestock cooperatives; veterinarians from ADS; managers for quality and/or food safety, and technicians from animal health laboratories.

It is also intended for the veterinary students who want to specialize in pigs as well as for students of the Master in pig health and production.

The course starts on December 2 but you can already register here.

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