Institutional meeting between CRESIB and CReSA

Scientists from the Barcelona Centre for International Health Research (CRESIB) and the Centre for Research in Animal Health (CReSA) met in Bellaterra to present relevant research topics and consider possible cooperation between both institutions.

The meeting was coordinated following the first approach between representatives from both institutions a few months ago. On this second meeting, a more detailed approach on the potential infrastructure of CReSA and exploratory research topics were discussed. Topics emphasized the concept of "One World, One Health" that enables a collaborative and integrative approach of the animal and/or public health worldwide. Therefore, the focus of the different presentations made by scientists from both institutions was closely related to the prevention and control of diseases that have an impact on public and/or animal health, emphasizing the interface between humans and animals.

The CReSA scientists presented research and latest advances in arboviruses and arthropod vectors (Nonito Pagès), avian influenza (Natàlia Majó), bacterial zoonosis and antibiotic resistance (Ignacio Badiola) and veterinary epidemiology and risk assessment (Sebastian Napp). On behalf of CRESIB, Eva Casamitjana (scientific coordinator), Antonio Plasencia (technical director) and Silvie Huyben (researcher) attended the meeting, and current topics were presented, as the relationship between mosquitoes, malaria and microclimate (Krijn Paaijmans), antibiotic resistance and its relationship to food and animals (Joaquim Ruiz) and leishmaniasis (Abert Picado). They also offered an interesting presentation on the international cooperation of CRESIB in different parts of the world.

Another key issue discussed by the participants was the relevance of the particular infrastructure of CReSA with a Biosafety Level 3 Unit (BSL3) enabling studies with pathogenic agents listed as notifiable diseases by the World Health Organization (OIE) and also with infectious agents for humans. Krijn Paaijmans and Silvie Huyben visited this unit accompanied by staff of the center.

The meeting took place on 21 November 2013 in the CReSA facilities.

From left to right (second row): Maria Montoya, Krijn Paaijmans, Joaquim Ruiz, Ignacio Badiola, Silvie Huyben, David Solanes, Albert Picado, Sebastian Napp,  Xavier Abad and Nitu Pagès. From left to right (primera fila): Natàlia Majó, Eva Casamitjana, Albert Bensaid, Joaquim Segalés, Núria Busquets, Anna Alba and Antonio Plasencia.

CReSA, centre of reference in animal health research

The Centre de Recerca en Sanitat Animal (CReSA) is a public foundation created by the initiative of the Institut de Recerca i Tecnologia Agroalimentàries (IRTA) and the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB). CReSA is focused on research, technological development, studies and education in the scope of animal health, in collaboration with other academic and research institutions, and the private sector. CReSA works to improve animal health and the quality and safety of animal products destined for human consumption. The researchers carry out research into innovative and effective vaccines; they study epidemiology, immune response and pathogenic mechanisms, assess risks for human health and develop standardized models of infection and diagnostic techniques. The work of these highly qualified professionals is expressed in a technological offer and services that combined with the cutting-edge infrastructures make up a standard-setting research centre. CReSA is located in the UAB and has technologically advanced facilities to perform the studies, with two clearly differentiated areas: level 2 biosafety laboratories and level 3 biocontainment unit. This biocontainment unit enables the research team to carry out studies into pathogenic agents listed as notifiable diseases by the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE).

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Director of CReSA
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