Mediterranean countries meet in an OIE conference to promote animal health

Dr. Sebastian Napp, researcher at CReSA, was a member of the Scientific Committee of the conference “Risk analysis as a tool for the control of animal diseases and zoonoses in the Mediterranean basin” organized by the IZSAM (Istituto Zooprofilattico Sperimentale dell’Abruzzo e del Molise “Giuseppe Caporale”), a World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) collaborating centre for Epidemiology.

The objective of the conference was to understand the risk analysis method as a tool to assess and manage risks related to the animal health, at national and international level, with the goal to promote its use in the Mediterranean area.
Dr. Napp was a member of the Scientific Committee of the conference, but also gave a presentation within the thematic session “Use of risk analysis methods in animal health: the experiences in European and non- European countries”. He used two examples of risk analyses in Spain with the aim of understanding its role as a powerful decision tool. Firstly, Dr Napp described the model for the risk evaluation of the introduction of entrance of rabies in the European Union from Morocco. Secondly, he presented a model to evaluate the efficiency of measures to prevent the transmission of the Bluetongue virus by semen.
In the last day, the participants were divided in different working groups to discuss different topics, such as the training needs or the mechanisms of collaboration between Mediterranean countries, to define priorities and establish goals, particularly in relation to zoonoses and vector-borne diseases.

The conference was held in the International Centre for the Veterinary Training and Information (CIFIV), in Teramo (Italy). Many representatives from international organizations from Mediterranean countries, as FAO, EFSA, European Commission, and research international centres like CReSA, CIRAD, Royal Veterinary College and Massey University, participated. The conference was promoted by the OIE and was sponsored by the Italian Ministry of Health and IZSAM.

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