CReSA launches its expert finder in animal health

From now on, scientists, journalists and all professionals interested in the field of animal diseases have available an online search-engine to find CReSA’s experts in their own area of expertise.

Are you looking for an expert in avian flu? Would you like to know who could collaborate in a project about mosquito-borne diseases? Do you need to interview an expert in alimentary zoonoses?...

The CReSA expert finder is a free resource showing a database of CReSA’s researchers in their own areas of expertise: epidemiology, bacteriology, virology, parasitology, vaccines development, diagnosis and immunology, amongst other disciplines.

The website, available in Spanish and English, allows a keyword search or an advanced search. Thus, it is easy to find researchers depending on the animal species in which they are specialists (porcine, avian, ruminant, mosquitos, laboratory animals or wild animals), or depending on the research subprogram, unit or service to which they belong.

After locating the resulting experts of the search, the user can display their contact details, their photograph, a short résumé, their main publications and projects, the books and book chapters they have published, and the theses and research masters’ they have leaded.

CReSA is working towards improving the animal health and the quality and safety of the animal products intended for human consumption. The 39 researchers of the center dedicate their work to the search of innovative and effective vaccines, the study of epidemiology, the immune response and the pathogenic mechanisms; moreover, they evaluate the risks to human health and develop standardized infection models and diagnose techniques.

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