A delegation from Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia visits the CReSA

Representatives of leadings research centers in Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia visited the CReSA on May 28. This encounter was organized in the framework of the First Training Workshop, promoted by the Institut de Recerca i Tecnologia Agroalimentàries (Institute for Research and Technology Food and Agriculture, IRTA). This activity belongs to the CINEA project, which it is funded by the 7th Research Framework Programme “Research to Innovation”.

One of the proposals from this I Training Workshop was to visit different Catalan R+D centers of excellence, in order to perceive the stronghold that these research centers could have, as CReSA’s technologically advanced facilities, a centre of reference in animal health research.

The Director of the Centre de Recerca en Sanitat Animal (Research Center for Animal Health,   CReSA), Dr. Joaquim Segalés, welcomed the delegation and explained the characteristics of the facilities, as well as the activities carried out by the Center. Due the number of attendees, they could not visit the biosafety level 3 facilities of biocontainment unit. However, an informative video about its operation was shown. The Director of CReSA offered the possibility of future scientific collaborations in areas of mutual interest.

Some of the representatives of leadings research centers in Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia in the auditorium of the CReSA

The CINEA project is coordinated by GIRAF PM Services and has the aim to bring together leading research organizations, industry associations and innovation players from the EU and the Mediterranean region. Also, this project pretends to bridge the existing gap between research and innovation in the area of food and agriculture research through engaging a dialogue with the private sector, to facilitate the transfer of scientific knowledge to industries and public services and bi-regional cooperation between all stakeholders along the knowledge value chain in the agro-food domain.

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