Bacteroides spp. strains identified as probiotics for rabbit

Next Octuber 28th, Mrs. Ana Pérez de Rozas, researcher in CReSA, will carry out the lecture and defense of her PhD thesis entitled “Use of Bacteroides spp. strains as probiotics for rabbits”, directed by Dr. Ignacio Badiola Saiz.

It has been demonstrated that the metaphylactic use of antimicrobials, to maintain the animal health in food farms, is associate with a high rate of antimicrobial resistances. Alternative measures could be based on the use of prebiotics, probiotics or symbiotics.

The principal aim of this PhD thesis was to select Bacteroides spp. strains and to examine its probiotic activity in rabbits. From the results obtained from the in vivo studies in a comercial farm, it can be inferred that some strains could be suitable for the development of probiotics for rabbits.

The lecture and defense will be carried out next Tuesday, October 28th, at 11:00h, on the Sala de Graus of the Veterinary School, UAB.

For more information about this work:

Dr. Ignacio Badiola Saiz
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Researcher of the IRTA - CReSA
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Mrs. Ana Pérez de Rozas
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Researcher of the CReSA
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