Epidemiological study on PCV2

Next November 27th, Mr. Sergio López Soria, researcher in CReSA, carried out the lecture and defense of his PhD thesis entitled “Puzzling over the epidemiology of porcine circovirus type 2”, directed by Dr. Joaquim Segalés i Coma.

The main aim is to provide information on the epidemiology of the porcine circovirus type 2 (PCV2) and for that purpose four studies that are integrated in his PhD thesis were designed.

The studies were planned according to four specifics purposes. The first one was to figure out the prevalence of PCV2 and other viruss in Spanish porcine farms, the second was to identify the risk factors for the development of the systemic disease (PCV2-SD), the third was to understand the role of the genetic background, a risk factor on PCV2-SD expression, and, finally, investigate the effect of the Average Daily Weight Gain (ADWG) during the post-weaning period.

The lecture and defense was carried out Thursday, November 27th, at 11:30h, in the Sala de Graus of the Veterinary School, UAB.

For more information about this work:

Dr. Joaquim Segalés i Coma
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Director and Researcher at CReSA
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Sergio López Soria
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Researcher at CReSA
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