Two CReSA PhD students, Elisa Crisci and Joan Tarradas, awarded with the Extraordinary Doctorate awards from UAB.

On Friday 8 April 2016 the ceremony of UAB 2015 Extraordinary Doctorate Awards will be held.
In this edition two PhD students who did their thesis at CReSA have been awarded with this distinciton. These are doctors Elisa Crisci and Joan Tarradas.

Elisa Crisci during her thesis disertarion.

Elisa Crisci, under the supervision of Maria Montoya, read her thesis on December the 2nd  2011 at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at the UAB entitled “Immunogenic properties of calicivirus-like particles as vaccine vectors”.

"In this study the potential of VLPs (virus like particles) from Rabit haemorragic disease virus as immunogenic viral antigen vectors in two different experimental animal systems, mouse and pig, was demonstrated.

Joan Tarradas during an experimental procedure.

Joan Tarradas, under the supervision of Llilianne Ganges, read his thesis on January the 25th 2012 at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at the UAB entitled "Estudios de inmunopatogenicidad del virus de la peste porcina clásica aplicados al desarrollo de nuevos métodos de vacunación".

"It is a thesis focused on unraveling viral immunopathogenicity mechanisms involved in the protection in front of classical swine fever virus infection in order to develop new DIVA vaccines (ie that enable distinguishing between infected and vaccinated animals) to deal with this devastating disease in pigs.

The entire IRTA-CReSA team congratulates them for this well deserved achievement!

List of publications related to the thesis of Elisa Crisci:

List of publications related to the thesis of Joan Tarradas:

Research projects that contributed to the financing of the thesis work of Elisa Crisci:

  • New vaccine and immunomodulatory strategies based on porcine dendritic cells stimulation using influenza virus infection model. Spanish Ministerio de Eduación y Ciencia (2006)- AGL2006-13809-C03-01/GAN 2006-2009

  • Chimeric virus-like particles vaccines for swine influenza virus: immunological studies. MICINN (AGL2009-12945-C02-01). 2009-2010

  • Immunological characterization of swine influenza virus (SIV) circulating in Spain: Towards a new vaccine against SIV based on chimeric virus-like particles” AGL2010-22200-C02-01 MICINN 2009-2014

Research projects that contributed to the financing of the work of Joan Tarradas thesis:

  • Patogenia de enfermedades víricas porcinas, Consolider Ingenio (PORCIVIR) CSD2006-00007 Ministerio de educación y ciencia 2006-2011

  • Nuevas estrategias de inmunización frente al virus del Síndrome Reproductivo y Respiratorio Porcino (PRRS): Estudios inmunológicos y eficacia de antígenos fusionados a quimioquinas. AGL2005-07073-C02-01MEC 2006-2009

  • Nuevas estrategias vacunales frente al virus de la peste porcina clásica. Estudio de los mecanismos implicados en la patogenicidad viral. BIO2008-04487-C03-03 Ministerio de educación y ciencia 2008- 2011

  • Immunopathogenic studies of classical swine fever virus (CSFV): Approaching new vaccines and diagnostics tools. AGL2012-38343 MINECO 2013-2015

To contact with these thesis directors:

Dra. Llilianne Ganges
Investigadora Subprograma de Malalties Exòtiques de l’IRTA-CReSA.
Tel. 934674040 (1762)

Dra. Maria Montoya
Investigadora, The Pirbright Institute
Tel. 01483 231381

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